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I'm Alex, I'm a freelance photographer/cinematographer and I'm 25 years old based out of Belleville, NJ. I am a creator with my hands in a lot of pots; having started photography to assist me in my main profession, being a music producer. 

I studied music production at University and it has been my dream career since a very young age. I quickly discovered that a huge part of releasing albums is the promotion and visual aspects of it, and so I took the plunge into the world of photographic imagery. Since then I have worked on bettering myself in all of my areas, broadening my horizons to encompass more of my passions.

In doing this I have made leaps and bounds in my abilities as a photographer, learning to specialise in things like portraiture and events. I also have trained myself in video work enabling me to shoot music videos, wedding films and more. I am always learning more and love the work that I do; no matter what you need shooting, I'll do my best to satisfy and exceed your expectations.Take a look around and feel free to get in touch!


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